All about moi

Once upon a time I wrote ads (à la Mad Men, with less booze) in Washington, DC. Then my husband convinced me to move to Paris. And when I say convinced, I mean he said, “my job is moving us to Paris.” Obviously the only acceptable response in that situation is to start packing your bags.

13 years, 4 countries and 3 kids later, we’re back in the good old U S of A…navigating reverse culture shock, homeownership, a job search and the overwhelming selection of toothpaste and cereal at the grocery store.

You might notice a big time warp in posts….life got bonkers there for a few years (unaccompanied tours! buying a fixer-upper! Having a baby!) But don’t worry, I’ll get you all caught up soon enough.

Attention! Boring serious stuff that I shouldn’t have to spell out but will spell out anyway: All views expressed on this blog are entirely my own, and are not meant to represent U.S. foreign policy, U.S. government organizations, or anyone other than me,  in any way. Duh.