the crazy chanel lady

Having spent a very random Wednesday afternoon at a vintage Chanel auction, I thought I’d take a minute to share a bit of the fabulosity with you all. But first let me explain the wondrous creature pictured above. Walking through the doors of the Drouot Auction House, I was nearly mauled by her double-C logoed handbag as she pushed past me, running for the  escalator with her dog.

Every inch of her body was covered in something Chanel. I think she was somehow in charge of everything, which could explain the German camera crew trailing her. But they might have just as well been clamoring to get that outfit on film for posterity. Seriously, I so wish there was some kind of photo shop function to help you more fully experience the blinding blue disco glitter on her glasses. And the dog. The dog! It’s just too perfect for words.

Almost as perfect as the gorgeous things for sale:

All about the label

yes please


And yes please.

Now personally, I don’t see myself ever dropping loads of precious pastry-buying cash on a fancy suit (because if you added up how much I’ve spent at the bakery in 4 months, I’d probably be able to buy one). But that red coat almost had me convinced of the Gospel of Coco.

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  1. Kimberly Willson

    I understand the french equation: clothes minus pastries or something like that!
    A. Kim

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