Vocab Friday: Chinon

Since I’ve been a lame blogger this past month, I’m going to institute a little fun for my (probably 5) readers out there. The kind of fun that involves learning a foreign language that has 8 million verb tenses and a ridiculously hard-to-copy accent. That’s right– it’s time for French Vocab Fridays!

Yes, I am quite the benevolent blog ruler. Ok, here we go:


Pronunciation: shee-non (but drop that last n)

Definition: A town in the Tourraine region of the Loire Valley, known for it’s big old medieval fortress/chateau and Cabernet Franc-based red wines. As in,

“We’ll have a bottle of the chinois rouge, s’il vous plait.”

“You mean the Chinon rouge?”

“Uh, yeah. Not the chinese red. The Chinon Red.”


Add Yours
  1. Rose

    Thanks what I’m talking about! Highly important to get the wine right but is a there a “chien” chinon rouge?

  2. Allison Lee

    I learned something. I envisioned how one might wear their hair to prom. Or if you are from the O.C. to the MTV movie awards.

  3. Pam WInters I aka Vic's Mom_

    Always love your blog, and looking forward to your book. Bet there are way more than 5 readers!

  4. Kimberly Willson

    ~went to Chinon with French III class at Sherwood my sophomore year! We were in Paris, the Loire Valley and Mont St. Michel. I remember the food, the opera, the food, chartres, the food, Chinon, the food….L, A. Kim

  5. dgoober

    Let’s not play the “hard to pronounce” language game, missy. Otherwise, I will have to introduce you to the dozens of case endings of the Finnish language.

    All I can do in Finnish is count and curse. I sometimes bizarrely hope I am given an exorbitantly high bill, so that I can do both. “yhdeksänkymmentäseitsemän (97) euroa? Perkele!!!”

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