Vocab Friday: Ah, la vache!

Today was a glorious day – it was warm enough for flip flops, I ate a stellar baguette sandwich, I RAN INTO ANTHONY BOURDAIN!!! Ok, “ran into” sounds like we’re old friends. And while I feel oddly close to that sharp-tongued, heavy-drinking rockstar of a chef, I think he’d probably place me strictly in the crazy stranger category. So really it was more like I was walking down the street with a friend, wondering why there was a small crowd gathering at the side door of the Hotel de Crillion and didn’t even see Anthony (Tony, T, T-bo) until said friend pointed him out.

And then I proceeded to squeal like a 12 year old with Beiber fever. I had an almost irresistable impulse to run over and start gushing, but I get the impression that he’s probably not the kind of guy who tolerates gushing idiots. I am, however, really disappointed that I couldn’t pull it together to at least go over and ask for restaurant recommendations.

Anywho, today’s vocab involves a funny phrase:

“Ah, la vache!”

Pronunciation: Ah, lah vaash

Definition: Literally, this means “Oh! The cow!” Oh man, aren’t the french cute?! This is the equivalent of “Holy cow!” or “Oh my god!”  As in:

Ah, la vache! Anthony Bourdain just invited me to join the cast of No Reservations and help write his next book! No, I’m not hallucinating.”


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  1. Freddie McKenna

    Oh my God. I haven’t read your post yet but I so want to DO him. And then have dinner of course.

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