Vocab Friday: The I’m Not Here Edition

Ok so it’s not technically Friday yet. But that’s cool, because I’m not really giving you any vocabulary this week. I’m going on vacation instead!

I’m not leaving you empty-handed though. Spend this 4th of July weekend thinking about how I’m going to tell you one helluva story about me volunteering to hand out gift bags at the ambassador’s house with some other teenage helpers who may or may not have been totally sneaking booze on the job. Kids these days.

Happy weekend and a bientot!


Add Yours
  1. kate

    C’mon you know you did the same thing. Probably not at the ambassador of France’s house, but you did or wanted to.

  2. Lois

    Jennifer, Just who are you kidding.. I’ve lived there, too. Everyday is a vacation. Just sometimes in a different location..
    Hope your 4th was lots of fun!

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