Just a regular old weekend in Paris.

You know that lame ice-breaker game they forced you to play at college orientation? The one where you have to say 2 true things about yourself, and one false one, and then everyone has to guess which one you made up? I happen to be totally awesome at that ice-breaker.

It helps that I grew up with cows in my front yard and once worked a night shift unloading trucks at the Container Store. But I also want to win at everything, even lame ice-breakers. So while everyone else is all, “I have brown hair, blue eyes and a peg leg,” I summon my most nerd-tastic powers to scheme up 3 of the most confounding choices possible.

It’s a strategy that throws off even the most perceptive of minds. It also might be why I have approximately 3 friends from college. But I just can’t resist! So here are 10 things I may or may not have done this past weekend. You guess which one is the fake:

  • Jumped on trampolines under the stars at the Jardin de Tuileries.
  • Peed my pants on the trampolines. Just a little bit. From all the wine I drank beforehand.
  • Talked Husband into buying me some sweet new shades because I really needed them.
  • Ate the best breakfast burrito I have ever had. Ever. With real salsa and everything!
  • Biked through Paris at 2am on Saturday night. Carrying 2 bottles of wine in my basket.
  • Watched Stealing Home, possibly the worst movie ever made. Also happens to be one of Husband’s favorites.
  • Listened to opera at the Place de Vosges.
  • Slept until noon on Sunday.
  • Scored last minute reservations to one of the hottest/most obscenely delicious restaurants in town.
  • Ate yet another pain au raisins.

Now please picture me wringing my hands and cackling maniacally as you read this. Because I WIN!


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  1. Burke

    I believe your friend Mrs. Walsh (of the twins) and I will take umbrage to the “Lame Ice Breaker” comment. Some of us made a living off of that my dear Sideshow.

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