In other news, DANGER BEES ARE REAL!

I got a comment last week from musician David MacMichael, informing me that his alterna garage rock band is in fact called The Danger Bees. Dan-ger Beeeeeeeeeeees, Dan-ger Beeeees! They’re pretty good, although I think their current set list is severely lacking in the spider man theme song department. If Homer can do it, so can you David. So can you!

Now if only we could convince him to use the photo above as his next album cover…


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  1. Shelley (Head Tomato)

    this is made more hilarious by that fact that in Quebec, at least, abeille means ‘wasp’ not ‘bee’. so it’d be ‘danger-wasp, danger-wasp’ … clearly not the desired effect. bourdon is bumble bee (but quebec may be wacky in more ways than one …)

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