Vocab Friday: Pompette

So I don’t usually condone day-drinking. It gives you a headache, ruins you for any evening activities, and can often make you seem like a sad lush. But as I’ve nearly reached the ripe old age of 31, I feel as though I can confidently steer my younger readers toward what I think are the exceptions to this rule:

1. Oktoberfest.

When they expect you to drink beer at breakfast, all bets are off. Just hydrate, pace yourself, and eat lots of pretzels.

2. Visiting Bordeaux.

It’s the epicenter of the wine universe, so tasting wine throughout the day is absolutely unavoidable. It’s actually recommended, and made all the better if you have a knowledgeable guide to help you decipher the subtle differences between the 2006 Saint Emilion and 2008 Medoc (here’s a clue: after 2 glasses, not much difference at all!)

3. When a friend sneaks you in to a fancy lunch.

Exceptional circumstances call for exceptional measures. That’s why I spent my afternoon sipping champagne at a lunch thrown by a catering company for some of the city’s big-time party planners. I also got to make my own truffle-oil infused ravioli and savored an entire lobster tail on the side. Meaning I now have indigestion AND a headache. C’est la vie!

*     *     *


Pronunciation: pom-peht

Definition: tipsy, a little looped, slightly inebriated. As in,

“Please excuse any grammatical mistakes in this post, I’m a little pompette!”



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  1. Lauren

    I feel sorry for you – day drinking is the best. However, I will forgive you because I just remembered the Smitten Kitchen recipe for hello dollys and I’m in love.

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