Greetings from the Alps.

Bonjour! Apologies for the radio silence dear readers, but I’ve been soaking in the sunshine at the base of Mont Blanc. Yes, it is sunnier and warmer in Chamonix than it is in Paris. I’m wearing sunblock. I might never leave.

Since I’m a lame pregnant lady, I can’t do much skiing. But I have enjoyed fondue and raclette, and a fair number of hot chocolates. Today I’m stepping it up a bit and going husky dog sledding – yep, you read that correctly, dog sledding. Where I stand on a sled and drive my own team of huskies.

So I might not be updating the blog much this week, but I promise to reward you with many amazing photos of me being dragged face first through the snow by large, wolf-life dogs. You’re welcome.

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