Vocab Friday: Stupide

Our vocab lesson is going to be short and sweet today because I am not sure my brain can handle much else. Folks, I am really dumb these days. Case in point: I showed up for my Monday doctor’s appointment on Wednesday.

Even worse: A friend was arriving yesterday from Dubai at 7:30. So I woke up early, ate some breakfast, and waited for a text to say he landed safely. By 8:30 I still hadn’t heard anything and started getting worried. By 9 I was sending texts and emails saying things like “Where are you?! Are you alive?!” At 9:15 I decided to check the flights coming into Charles de Gaulle, and was shocked to see that there were no flights from Dubai arriving at 7:30am.

Even worser: Instead of immediately realizing that my friend meant 7:30 PM, I sat there for a moment thinking oh my god, he’s been kidnapped! Covert kidnap operation! There is no plane from Dubai!!!!

Kids, this is your brain on prenatal vitamins. Consider yourselves warned.

*      *      *


Pronunciation: stoo-peed

Definition: Dumb as a box of rocks. Silly as a billy goat. As in,

“I thought mommy brain happened after the kid popped out, but this fetus sure is making me stupide.”


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  1. Dylan

    You’re sooo much quicker than I am to accept that you made a mistake! When I got the day of my 30th birthday wrong, I made up every excuse in the book not to be stupide. Time zones! 24 hour clock! Google Translate! METRIC SYSTEM!

    But alas, I’m not only stupide, I’m also vieux. V-yuck.

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