Joyeux anniversaire, Big Daddy.

Yes, my dad is wearing a tshirt that says “Not dead yet.” And if that isn’t a happy approach to getting older, I don’t know what is. Happy birthday Big Daddy!

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  1. Constance Gabrielli

    Normally, being the first dark eyed Willson would be cause for concern over his true DNA. I mean the whole family since the dawn of time has had blue eyes until Gilbo. But, alas there is no possible way he isn’t ours. Poppop had a bumper sticker which read
    “Old Age Ain’t For Sissies”. My Dad, aka Uncle Frankie proudly wore blue suede shoes to match his baby blue Cadillac. I AM NOT MAKING THAT UP! Ask the older Willsons or Mary. So, Happy Birthday Big Daddy. You definitely belong to us. After all I’m the only one here who was there when Betty brought the little bundle of joy and my first real live toy home from the hospital. May you wear your T shirt proudly, not mellow with age and live forever just so I have someone around who knows who I am. Cause no matter how old you get I’ve still got you by six!

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