See the cotton floral abomination above? They’re really popular here in Paris. Especially with the young ladies. And I have NO IDEA WHY.

Granted, I’m not exactly a fashion icon these days, seeing that I rarely don anything other than yoga pants and can’t even see my toes. But every time I see some beautiful Parisienne wearing grandma’s genie pants I just want to grab her and say pourquoi?!

They look like tapered pajamas at best, a bad accident with victorian curtains at worst. I thought maybe it was just a French thing, but the fine specimen above is from Anthropologie’s sale page. And I’m truly sorry if anyone out there reading this is wearing those pants right now, but I just don’t get it.

Does that make me an old fart?


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  1. Freddie McKenna

    I have about 6 pairs of colorful clown pants hanging in my closet. They are comfortable, forgiving, cool in the summer heat, great for travel and match everything. So I am rather EXCITED to hear that they are all the rage in Paris because that puts me at the vanguard of Bozo chic!

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