Vocab Friday: les collants

Keeping it short and sweet this week because if all goes as planned, I will be sitting on a beach in North Carolina, getting ready to celebrate the marriage of two truly awesome people, when you read this. That’s after taking a 9 hour flight, a 3 hour car ride, and a 30 minute ferry cruise to get there. All while wearing the undeniably sexy medical compression tights that my doctor prescribed for traveling. And by prescribed I mean I had to go to the pharmacy and get measured for those suckers. God are they ugly. But I think it’s all totally worth it to see Mr. Medley and Ms. Rose tie the knot! (I promise not to wear the tights to the wedding)

*    *    *

les collants

Pronunciation: ley coh-lahnt

Definition: tights. As in,

“I can’t think of anything more uncomfortable than wearing medical compression collants for 9 hours on a plane while pregnant. Other than giving birth itself.” 

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