Vocab Friday: The good karma edition

Thinking about donating? DO IT!

In this third installment of my Imagination Stage fundraising efforts, I’m pulling out all the stops. First, look at that picture up there. I mean, how awesome is that facial expression? Priceless. And the costumes? The turban alone is worth a donation to this cause.

But if you need more convincing, how about plain old karma? This is your chance to faire sa bonne action. Otherwise known as “do your good deed for the day.” Pay it forward. Your donation will help kids– who’ve been told they’re too different, too poor, or too disabled– shine up on stage. And if that doesn’t win you some points with the big man upstairs, I don’t know what will.

Or maybe you’ve always wanted to be a philanthrope (otherwise known as a philanthropist) like Bill Gates or Carnegie or Rockefeller. You know, to spread your goodness across the world and get your name on a couple buildings. Well, I can’t promise you a statue in front of the Imagination Stage theater. But Scotty has volunteered to wear your initials or likeness or logo on his shirt all summer if you donate $100 or more.

And just in case you still haven’t been convinced, I’m going for the jugular: a video with sappy music and heart-wrenching testimonials!

And now that you have been rendered powerless by cute kids and an inspirational theme song, I ask you to click below and make a donation today. Merci.

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