Can you guess what time this picture was taken? I’ll give you a clue: it’s close to the time that I should have been snuggled up in bed next to Husband, trying to seduce him with my whale belly and retainer-wearing ways.

Not helping? Sorry for that visual.

That photo up there of my building’s courtyard and the evening sky was taken at about 10pm. Ten at night. And the sun is just setting. Which is great on the weekends if you want to stay out for a late picnic or sit by the canal and soak up the beauty of Paris.

But many a weeknight I look at Husband all bleary-eyed and delirious and ask in desperation, What the hell time is it? Can we go to sleep yet? I don’t know how Alaskans do it.


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  1. gina pezzicola

    are you crazy!! that’s one of the best things about living here!! the long days of summer and the endless amount of vacation!! i think this pregnancy has got you slacking!! eat a burrito and chase it with a red bull. the cutest part is how french you are. complaining about things that are great!! haha!!! you’ve been frenchified!

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