My hope for the future.

I hope I'm this cool someday

So last week I was busy telling you how much of a loser I’ve become since parenthood struck. Or maybe my inner loserdom has just now come to fruition. Either way, I can only hope that someday things will turn around- that I’ll once again be able to get dressed before 3pm, and string together more than slightly coherent sentences (that aren’t about poop), and be able to sit around with my friends and have a beer without falling asleep thinking about it.

Right now these simple things seem like an unattainable dream. But the group of old folks above offers a glimmer of hope: These rockstars were out at 11am, dressed to the nines, not just sipping beers but PLAYING DRINKING GAMES. On a Monday.

So while I’m hiking up my mom jeans and plotting my next big outing to buy diapers, I will hold on to the image of Belgian octogenarians kickin it like nobody’s business. Because that means there’s hope for coolness again in my future…I just might have to wait 40 years or so to find it.




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  1. Meghan Lederer

    At least you have motherhood as an excuse to let loose your inner “loserdom”. I am truly giddy at 8:45PM, because I know that 9:00 is right around the corner, which I feel is an acceptable time to curl up in bed. I can just think about putting on any other shoes besides running shoes or keens and feel a wave of nausea. I have not seen midnight or even 11:00PM in a VERY long time.

    So, I am convinced that my loserdom has escaped prematurely! C’est la vie~ 🙂

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