The countdown.

I officially have less than 2 months left here in Paris. TWO MONTHS. Deux mois. C’est pas possible!

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was sulking about my language skills and dog-poo covered sidewalks? I swear it wasn’t so long ago that my wallet was stolen by a 4 foot tall pick-pocket. And didn’t my first test-guest arrive, like, last week?!

Oh how the time flies when you’re chugging champagne and building baby humans. (Not at the same time, of course)

I don’t know quite what to do with myself in these last glorious days. And they have been glorious – sunny and warm, with piercing blue skies and crisp fall breezes now and then. It’s enough to make me heartsick over the impending breakup, dreading the day that I will have to part with my pain au raisins and say au revoir to the rotisserie chicken seller down the street.

I’m hoping that the usual bleak winter grayness will show up on cue around November 1st, so I’ll be more motivated to leave. But until then, I’m asking you for help. I need a Paris bucket list, STAT. What should I do? What should I see? And most importantly, what should I eat? Live vicariously through me (and remember that I will have a bébé in tow). The countdown is on, people. Let’s profitez while we can!



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