True love.

When I first met Husband I thought he was the worst dancer I had ever seen. I mean, he didn’t leave me much choice, cornering me on the dance floor with hip thrusts and pumping fists. But just a couple years later, I realized I didn’t really want to dance with anyone else but him.

And I think that’s what love and marriage is all about: Find someone you can dance with– anytime, anywhere, with or without strict adherence to form or rhythm– and hold on to him for life. Because not only will that kind of union guarantee you a steady supply of laughter. It means you’ll be able to dance your way through whatever life throws at you, in sickness and in heath, in joy and in sadness, during cross-Atlantic moves and 3am diaper changes.

I love you Husband. Happy Anniversary!


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    • Allison Willson

      With 1 week and and 1 day away from Jamie & Scott’s wedding, I can’t help to tear up and chuckle as well. Because my dear son-in-law to be can’t dance, but, I know with all my heart, those two are meant to be with each other, like pea’s and carrots, like Jenny & Nat! Happy Anniversary!!!!
      Wishing you all were going to be here for the wedding, and can’t wait to meet Sadie, tell her Great Aunt Poo says hello…..
      Love you Jenny…

  1. anna rose

    i’m catching up on blog posts! This made me smile – and remember our night of dancing at ugly mug. Cheers to the two of you – dancing with you guys is always so much fun 🙂

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