La crème.

So the crazy La Leche League lady who came over to when le bébé was first born recently sent a text to check in. I call her “crazy” because while she was indeed very helpful in terms of making me not cry every time I had to feed my child, she also felt strongly that I should continue to make my chest an all-you-can-eat buffet until le bébé reached the ripe old age of five.

What the what?!

Anyway, it was nice of her to check in. I replied that all was well and le bébé was getting nice and chubby. To which she replied, “Ah bien! Vous devez faire la crème!”

You must be making cream. My first thought was no, I’m actually making a sandwich right now, and what does that have to do with…Oh. I’d been hit with some good old creepy breast milk humor. Nice one La Leche League!

Although judging by the dimpled knees of my petite chou, she might be right:


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  1. Constance Gabrielli

    OH NO! Those aren’t Auntie Betty’s thighs are they? …. just kidding. Even at this angle Sadie is the bomb!

  2. Freddie McKenna

    My friend once got a plane seat next to a woman who was “discretely” breastfeeding her 3 year old. I guess one boob ran out of milk, because the kid looked up and said “Other one, mommy.”

  3. Ariel Lascurain

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