Hold the Nutella.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who’s glossed over this blog that I think French cuisine is magnificent. The bubbly and the foie gras, the seared lamb chops and rich sauces, the crispy butter moons they call croissants — it’s all spectacularly delicious, and usually done to perfection.

The French people have a rich culinary history that’s uniquely tied to their culture, which can be a beautiful thing. Until, that is, those historically gourmet palates meet modern day fast food. That’s where things start getting really, really weird.

Case in point: the “plain” pizza at Dominoes that has goat cheese on it. The club sandwich made with smoked salmon. And Nutella sushi.

Read that again: Nutella. Sushi.

Yes, the people at Planet Sushi have taken that delectable hazelnut spread to a place it should never, ever go: the inside of a maki roll. And just in case the thought of Nutella wrapped in sticky rice wasn’t weird enough, they went ahead and swaddled the whole thing in a gag-inducing sheet of egg.

Is it for breakfast or dessert? Do you dip it in soy sauce? Eat it along side a piece of raw tuna? It’s just so, so wrong.

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