One month of hellos.

Or should I say, bonjours.

That’s right, I’ve got one month left here, and I don’t plan on spending it saying goodbye. Because really, I’m absolutely positive I’ll be back one day. But more importantly, I’m not done with this place yet! Goodbyes mean you’re wrapping things up, and I feel like I’m just getting started.

So I’m challenging myself to discover one new thing a day until I leave. Or until they disconnect my internet, whichever comes first. What kinds of things will I uncover? Well, today I stumbled across a cute little restaurant called 22 Peas (I have no idea why it was called that) and had myself a slice of tarte salée (quiche) made with poireaux (leeks) and Saint-Nectaire cheese. It was spectacularly delicious.

But I’m going to try (not very hard) to make sure I’m not just discovering food things. Museums, boutiques, and beautiful vistas are all fair game. Hopefully le bébé will cooperate – I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings (me to eat)!


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  1. Constance Gabrielli

    Personally I’d try the Picasso Museum but if you are into sewers why not? Come to Savannah. I make a killer leek tart!!xoxoxo

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