Afterwards I hope I discover a gym.

Today I’ve been stuck in the apartment waiting for the plumbers to come fix all the leaky faucets and managing a crazy 3 month old who’s giving a chubby little middle finger to any kind of schedule I might try to ease her into. (hmm, I wonder where she gets that willful spirit from? Dad, any idea?)

But I haven’t let that put a damper on my discovery challenge: today I discovered an entire website dedicated to Parisian pastries.  A website that includes several lists of the best pastries in the city, determined by months of taste-testing and research by one astonishingly slim expat chocofile.

Upon finding this invaluable resource, my first thought was: why the bleep didn’t I think of that?! This guy is making a living eating millefeuilles and macarons. Absolutely brilliant, if not dangerous for your blood sugar levels. But my second thought was: I just found my next 38 discoveries.

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