It’s official: the baby human hitherto known here as “le bébé” shall now be referred to as “the babe.”

Why? Well, I need to slowly let go of Paris. I’m not going back. I’m not French. And I’ll be damned if I go all Madonna and adopt a foreign accent when we all know I’m from Maryland, and people from Maryland don’t have any accents at all. Unless you’re from Bawlmore, but that’s another story.

Anyway, I’m in America for the next year, so we’re going native, in our language and cultural explorations (look for reports on things like the siren song of Whole Foods and Oklahoma cheeseburgers the size of a pie plate). But more importantly, I’ve recently decided that my child’s perfectly round head and so-chubby-they’re-sagging cheeks make her look more and more like the Sultan of Swing every day.

Should I be worried?


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  1. Megs Lederer

    So seriously, Eric and I could not catch our breath!! Eric is still laughing at this post!! HILARIOUS!!!!! The picture of “your babe” is sooo cute and hilarious all at one time. Love this Post!!!!! Welcome back to America 🙂

  2. vaughn

    I rarely (perhaps never) leave comment. However; I’ve had your blog on my google reader for some while now and am attempting to catch up with your adventures (and suspect that I will eventually go back to the very beginning to relive your adventure).

    Your adorable bb? Maybe Churchill… I think all babies look like Winston at some point. =)

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