Number Two.

Ohhhhh blog, how I’ve neglected you. It’s been days since I posted anything fun here, days! And to be honest, with each blog-less week it was starting to feel like my well of inspiration had run dry, just a few sad months out of France. I mean, really–there’s only so much I can say about cleaning bananas out of the ears of a sweet child who looks increasingly like Marlon Brando circa Apocalypse Now.

But I missed writing! I missed sharing the sometimes hilarious everyday insanity that made up my life in Paris. I felt committed to jumpstarting this blog again, if only I had some good material: A funny story. A goofy encounter. Or, you know, another baby.

Yes folks, that is in fact another baby human in my uterus. That’s how far I’m willing to go to keep this blog alive! At least until the baby comes out and I have no time to do anything but wipe other people’s butts.

I know what you’re thinking: I am super dedicated to my readership (all 4 of you). So dedicated that I’m going to have this bébé all the way over in Austria, which means I’ll most likely have some big nurse named Helga barking at me in stern German to poooosh! And if that won’t make for good blog material, I don’t know what will.

So enjoy! I’ll promise I’ll be posting more updates about Number Two and The Babe and my exciting foray into the world of Irish twins. While getting ready to move abroad. Again. You’re welcome!


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  1. Hanson

    BLESS YOUR HEART!!! Anna told me your exciting news…and my mouth dropped wide open! :). You should definitely be awarded a Purple Heart after you get moved and welcome Baby #2!!! Best wishes to you all!

    • jfwillson

      Brave…or totally insane…! They’ll be about 14-15 months apart…so I think that’s close to irish twins, right? Not as bad as Tori Spelling, but still crazy. hahahah

  2. Steve

    Congratulations! It’s too bad, though, that the German word for baby is just “das Baby”. Definitely not as poetic as “le bebe”

      • Steve

        Well, to be fair, German was never going to be as lyrical as French (unless you enjoy a lot of harsh-sounding words militantly barked at you).

        On only a slightly related note – I miss vocab fridays. I hope there’s a German edition forthcoming 🙂

      • jfwillson

        oh steve, vocab friday will be re-starting soon! german is turning out to be infinitely more funny than french, so i should have plenty of material.

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