Vocab Friday: Goodbyes and Hellos


It’s time. Time for my third international move in 3 years. Time to sort through all my personal belongings and see if I can remember what’s in storage, what’s in my dad’s basement, and what needs to go in my suitcase. Time to mentally prepare for a 9+ hour flight with an almost one-year old. Which means it might also be time for me to start experimenting with children’s Benadryl and exploring the legal ramifications of child abandonment in open air space. I feel like there might be some helpful loopholes there.

But most of all it’s time to say goodbye. And that, my friends, is the absolute worst part. I hate it. I actually hate big life changes in general. I cling to the familiar routine, grasp desperately for the comforts of home. But at the same time, I know deep down I have to change, I have to go. And once I power my way through the stress and upheaval and deep, nostalgia-tinted sadness, I’ll be fine. In fact, I’ll come out on the other side relatively unscathed and probably even happy. Because while I hate the prospect and process of change, I really do enjoy the end results. I get to see the world with Husband and the Babe, after all. And if I’m really lucky, I’ll get some very stern Austrian nurses yelling at me to pooooosh in a few months. It’s hard to not get excited about that!

I just wish I could wrap all my friends and family and maybe a few of the really nice Whole Foods cashiers in bubble wrap and have them expedited to Vienna immediately. But since I can’t, I’m doing my best to see everyone and say goodbye and remain positive about the amount of schnitzel in my future. To help, added one very important saying to my  limited repertoire: auf wiedersehen. That means “goodbye.” For pronunciation, channel your best Heidi Klum and pretend like you just kicked someone off the runway. At least that’s what I’m going to do.

So, until next time dear readers…when I’ll be writing from the other side of the Atlantic again! And I’ll have a lot more material to work with. Namely, all the comedy that comes with cultural faux pas and baby induced sleep deprivation. See you soon!


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  1. thedailyaven

    Gluck Gluck!! Or, maybe Viel Gluck!! Google Translate is being a bit ambiguous. Wow – I just realized how long it’s been since using Google Translate, I miss the days of copying and pasting full emails on a daily-basis. Can’t wait to hear all about the adventures!

  2. Megs Lederer

    New Adventures!!! The moving part is always the worst, but it is always a bittersweet combination of scary and excitement when writing a new chapter.
    Godspeed my friend and I look forward to reading all about it~

  3. Constance Gabrielli

    Ciao Bella! Bonne continuation! Bon Voyage and catch you on the flip side. You’ll be wonderful there just as soon as you have a moment to find the nearest pastry shop. Which, given your sense of priority, should be shortly after landing and WAY before worrying whether Husband and the Babe are settled in. No, this is not s selfish act. You are the back bone of the whole pack and how can the pack thrive with a semi depressed leader? Bisous All Around

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