1 Year in Austria.

Ok, a year and 2 months. Close enough.

So what does a year in Austria look like? Well, for us it was a lot of snow, beer, hot dogs, baby butts and playgrounds.  Of course, there’s a lot more to this place than that, but moving here with a toddler and then popping out another baby right away has a funny way of limiting your worldview. I could have been living in the middle of Iowa for the past 12 months and it probably wouldn’t have been that different. I’m really only now slowly emerging from my Pampers-wrapped cocoon and getting a chance to explore my surroundings a bit. Which means I’ll hopefully have more to share with you in the year ahead.  So here’s to more beer, more snow, more of Austria. And way fewer baby butts.


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  1. Casey Wright

    During some random moment in the past few days I became angry with you for not posting more to this blog. Like, legitimately angry. Because I enjoy it THAT MUCH. And then I remembered that you have two kids.

    I have two kids. It is a miracle I leave the house regularly with underwear on. And so I am not angry with you anymore. I understand.

    Please have a kaisekriner for me…


    • jfwillson

      I always have really good intentions of writing more!!! And then all the sudden it’s been 2 months and I’m at the playground AGAIN and I’ve forgotten my underwear. AGAIN. Thank you for understanding. I will try to do better 😉

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