A breakfast unicorn.

I didn’t think anything could be better than a warm croissant, fresh from the oven of your local Parisian bakery. The crackly exterior giving way to chewy, paper-thin layers of dough. The buttery flakes of pastry fluttering down your shirt. The extreme joy when you remember there’s another one in the bag waiting to be devoured (because honestly, who can stop at just one?).

Well, buckle up people, because IT GETS BETTER.

Imagine if that perfect Parisian croissant made a voyage back to the motherland of Viennoiserie and found itself entangled in a wild tryst with one of the many native pretzel folk. The resulting illicit love child would be a pastry creature of mythic proportions. Some might even reckon it a unicorn among the other pedestrian bread basket offerings.

Dear readers, I have eaten the unicorn. Behold! The Laugencroissant:

Image: Thank you Wikipedia!

Image: Thank you Wikipedia!

It is, essentially, a magical pretzel-croissant hybrid: The shape and consistency of a croissant, enrobed in the shinier, chewier exterior of your favorite bavarian beer tent snack. The rich buttery goodness remains in tact, and is inexplicably elevated by that distinct pretzelish flavor that only a good soak in food-grade lye can provide.

Sweet pain au raisins, I have found your Austrian replacement.


Health cookies.

I need these for the health of my fetus

I have a full fledged addiction brewing here in Vienna, and it involves these chocolate covered biscuits that fortunately/unfortunately came in a 3 box pack. I cannot. Stop. Eating them. And like a true addict, I find excuses throughout the day for why I need just one more. Like,¬†Cletus needs the extra calories! Or, You earned it, walking up the hill from the grocery store! Or my favorite, They’re WHOLE GRAIN! That makes it practically a health cookie!¬†