Overheard in our apartment 2 nights ago.

Me: My belly is starting to stick out, huh?

Husband: Yep, totally.

Me: It’s so weird!

Husband: Yeah! (pause) So do you feel like your butt is getting bigger too?

Me: WHAT?!? I actually liked my butt until you said that?! What the….!(&&#!*$

Husband: (looking at me honestly) No, I mean, do you feel like the rest of your body is ballooning out? You know, like…(puffs his cheeks out and makes a growing motion with his arms)?

Me: Do you have a death wish or something? I think we should end this line of questioning.

Husband: Um, ok. I think you look cute anyway.

Me: (shooting death stares)

Husband: I love you?