Overheard in our apartment 2 nights ago.

Me: My belly is starting to stick out, huh?

Husband: Yep, totally.

Me: It’s so weird!

Husband: Yeah! (pause) So do you feel like your butt is getting bigger too?

Me: WHAT?!? I actually liked my butt until you said that?! What the….!(&&#!*$

Husband: (looking at me honestly) No, I mean, do you feel like the rest of your body is ballooning out? You know, like…(puffs his cheeks out and makes a growing motion with his arms)?

Me: Do you have a death wish or something? I think we should end this line of questioning.

Husband: Um, ok. I think you look cute anyway.

Me: (shooting death stares)

Husband: I love you?


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  1. thedailyaven

    lol. whatever…you’re pregnant in paris, pregnant people do not get fat in paris. they put something in the water, or the croissants, or something like that… so, mcgriddle casserole on sunday?! πŸ˜‰

  2. anna rose

    i can’t believe he puffed his cheeks out. hahahaha.

    did you get shushed by the old lady when you yelled at him? πŸ™‚ were the windows open?!?!?

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