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Folie de Mars

So a classmate of mine (a crazy Duke fan, no less) suggested that we engage in a bit of cross-cultural exchange this spring by initiating our French teacher (and one poor British student) into the wonders of Bracketology. Simple enough, right? I mean, it’s just 64 American college teams with 4 extra play-in teams playing…

Bike envy.

I have lots to share about my quick trip to Bordeaux this past weekend, but sadly, not enough time to write about it today. I know, I know – this busy life I lead! Reading and writing and drinking champagne and not really working can really jam up your daily schedule quicker than you think.…


For all you wondering what the one thing I didn’t do last weekend was……………it was watching Stealing Home. Although I have since watched said film and can confirm that it is the worst movie ever made. What was Jodi Foster thinking? weekend funWinning