Bike envy.

I have lots to share about my quick trip to Bordeaux this past weekend, but sadly, not enough time to write about it today. I know, I know – this busy life I lead! Reading and writing and drinking champagne and not really working can really jam up your daily schedule quicker than you think. It’s exhausting.

But while I have your attention (and potential death stares), I would like to take a second to talk about bikes. You may remember my very exciting purchase earlier this year. She’s a beaut, decked out with orange racing stripes and a basket:

There will always be a place in my heart for this first bike of mine, no matter how much the seat hurts my hoo-ha and the short handlebars put a crimp in my neck. She’s been good to me, and I cannot forget that.


Wouldn’t I look just so insanely awesome tooling my way through Paris on one of these babies:

Don’t ask me how I would carry that mo fo up and down my apartment stairs. Just imagine me cruising down the Champs-Elysées on it, but instead of a dog in the back I have Husband. Or a case of champagne. Or both!

Think of how many shopping bags I could fit in there. It would totally negate the need for the embarrassing orange granny cart! It’s so magnificent I can’t even stand it.

But how do I get my hands on one? Sadly, I’m finding it a bit difficult to budget for a bike that costs almost as much as our mortgage payment. But have no fear: You, my lovely (few) readers are going to help me WIN THIS MADSEN CYCLE.

All you gotta do is click on that link down there and nose around the Madsen website a bit. You can even get a chance to win one yourself by posting a link or banner on your own site. But if I find out that you won the bike I’ve been dreaming of instead of me, well, let’s just say you’ll owe me. Big. Like unlimited rides in the bucket big.

Now click away!

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes


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