Just a humble servant of the people.

The best umbrella. Ever.

Let my freshly Rosetta Stoned brain translate for you: SH*T! IT’S RAINING!  Yes, it’s been sputtering and drizzling and utterly downpouring for the past few days. And it’s making it terribly hard to motivate.

Seriously, it’s nearly 1pm 2pm in Paris, Brad Pitt is out there roaming the streets somewhere and I can’t even muster the will to brush my teeth.

I know, I know, get up and get a freaking umbrella! Well, I totally would, but there are other mitigating factors at stake here:

1. I left the best umbrella ever created, pictured above, on the metro. (I guess I should have asked the Lost and Found if they had it)

2. The force of Kell on Earth on demand is a strong one. I cannot be expected to fight it alone.

I feel guilty for frittering away my precious time and opportunities here with crap american TV streaming on the computer. I berate myself with questions like, why am I sitting here wasting a day in Paris? Why have I left my hair unbrushed for two days? Why am I eating a fried egg on french bread for lunch?

Well, because I can.

Thank you to my friend Gina who totally rocked my world with that revelation. As a mostly unemployed young woman living an untethered life in the most beautiful city in the world, it is my duty to be all that most of the world can’t be. It is my responsibility to drink wine in the afternoons, read all day and scoff at things like daily showering. Why? Because a lot of other people can’t.

See, I’m doing all of this lazing around for YOU. With every post, rest assured that I am sacrificing things like personal dignity and ambition for the sake of those of us who have to live serious, responsibility-laden lives. I know this is only a fleeting opportunity, so I solemnly vow to fill my days with nothing but unserious pursuits big and small. That said, I’m off to pop some champagne, paint my toenails and study french by watching Cuisine TV.

You’re welcome.


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  1. Dylan

    Yeah, it’s a bit exhausting to play tourist each day, every day. It took a while for the fact that I wasn’t on vacation to sink in. I finally realized My plane ticket isn’t for MONTHS AND MONTHS. Why am I awake before noon?

    • jfwillson

      Right?! I can only try to visit the Louvre so many times. Plus I’m much more comfortable crying in the corner over my wasted youth and lack of life motivation in my PJs!

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