Oh my. I have been gone from the interwebs for far too long. But there was the trip back home, and then a long trip back to Paris. And then a few groggy days of jet lag mixed with homesickness, topped with wintery cold mid-May weather. It was a dangerous melange that I attempted to battle with lots of sleep and pain au raisins, but dang it if my bakery was pain au raisinless my first morning back.

Stupid Paris. I wanted to be home eating bagels anyway. And where the hell did spring go?! And why is French so hard to understand?! And why does the apartment smell like a dirty rotten man cave?!

Well that’s what happens when Husband is left in charge of cleaning. But rather than tidy up and practice my verb tenses, I decided a vacation was in order. Something to take my mind off of my loved ones back home and my annoying pictogram oven here. And what better distraction than a rental car and french castles!

So off we drove towards the Loire Valley for a 3 day chateaux marathon. Now I will say that driving stick shift through Paris and then flooring it on winding French country roads is almost exhilarating enough to take your mind off of things like being a zillion miles away from friends and family and dog-poo-less sidewalks.

But oh, the chateaux. There were glorious turrets and sprawling formal gardens and ridiculously huge fireplaces. And real moats!

There were fairy-tale castles and english manor house styles and medieval fortress types. We saw it all, and by the last day we were dropping lines like, “This grand ballroom is a bit drafty, but I could get comfortable in the great hall” and “Can’t someone quiet the hunting hounds? I can hear them all the way in the library!”

Seriously, I think I could get used to chateau living. Sure the plumbing might be a bit primitive, but get one of those puppies wired with high speed internet and I’d be good to go. And I could move all my friends and family in!

It’s true, walking through all those grand palaces, imagining myself a duchess or princess or comtesse or something, I kinda started feeling … well, right at home. Which means the trip was a success — and Husband is in big trouble.

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  1. dgoober

    Hilarious commentary! I visited the Loire valley chateaux during my first trip to Europe 15 years ago (*pukes at thinking about my age*) Beautiful places!

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