Vocab Friday: brocante

Today in French class I learned the slang word for “speedo.” Don’t ask how it came up.

I wanted to share it with you all today, but my teacher said I shouldn’t repeat it. And since this here is a family-friendly blog (except for the sharts), I’ll restrain myself. I’ll just tell you that it literally translates into “hooha mold.”

The real word for today is:

– brocante –

Prononciation: bro-kahnt

Definition:  Kind of like a roving yard sale, brocantes are street sales of antique or second-hand goods. They pop up on the weekends all over the city, and I believe there are brocante stores, selling everything from china and paintings to vintage clothing and furniture. As in:

“No, I didn’t let Husband wear his “hooha mold” to the brocante up the street.”


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    […] Oh my holy crap did I learn so many good things today! But before I share, can I just take a moment to say that I love my french teacher? Not the one who gives me withering stares. The other one. The one who is so incredibly fun and enthusiastic, who makes me practice my conversation skills for at least an hour, who teaches me awesome things like how to say “hoo-ha mold.” […]

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