Vocab Friday: brocante

Today in French class I learned the slang word for “speedo.” Don’t ask how it came up.

I wanted to share it with you all today, but my teacher said I shouldn’t repeat it. And since this here is a family-friendly blog (except for the sharts), I’ll restrain myself. I’ll just tell you that it literally translates into “hooha mold.”

The real word for today is:

– brocante –

Prononciation: bro-kahnt

Definition:  Kind of like a roving yard sale, brocantes are street sales of antique or second-hand goods. They pop up on the weekends all over the city, and I believe there are brocante stores, selling everything from china and paintings to vintage clothing and furniture. As in:

“No, I didn’t let Husband wear his “hooha mold” to the brocante up the street.”


3 thoughts on “Vocab Friday: brocante

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