Vocab Friday: The Boob Edition.

Oh my holy crap did I learn so many good things today! But before I share, can I just take a moment to say that I love my french teacher? Not the one who gives me withering stares. The other one. The one who is so incredibly fun and enthusiastic, who makes me practice my conversation skills for at least an hour, who teaches me awesome things like how to say “hoo-ha mold.”

She is the bright shining star of what has been an otherwise painful and embarrassing journey through foreign language land. Sure, we study some grammar and practice verb conjugation. But there’s always time for a quick cultural aside, a brief lecture on the dirtiest of street slang. That’s why this woman should get the highest award in my book. Where the others are teaching me how to read and write, maybe even speak a little bit, this woman is teaching me the art of french communication!

And it’s all thanks to her that I can share with you today these wonderful sayings. Don’t ask me how we got on this subject – just enjoy Vocab Friday: The Boob Edition*.

  • Lesson 1: If you see an ample-bosomed lady who’s maybe spilling out of her top, you might lean over to your friend and say:

Heh, Il y a du monde au balcon.”

Definition:  Heh, It’s crowded on the balcony.

Hilarity factor: High.

  • Lesson 2: If you perhaps feel the need to comment on someone’s itty bitties, you could snark:

“Elle a des boutons de culottes.”

Definition: She’s got pants buttons (for boobs).

  • Lesson 3: If you happen to see some lucky guy dancing with a lady who has du monde au balcon, you’d elbow your buddy and say:

“On a la vue sur tout Paris!”

Definition: He/We’ve got a view of all of Paris!

Yes, french is officially the most awesome language in the world. You’re welcome, and happy weekend.

*Bien sur, this is a cheap and tawdry attempt to grab your attention away from World Cup.


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  1. Allison

    How do you say “nuttso in the buttso?” Is there a French translation for that?! (You’re welcome all you “a$$ people” out there…)

  2. Shelley

    my poor husband, the frenchie that he is, calls boobs ‘boots’. As in: “she has big boots.” I just don’t have the heart to correct him 🙂

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