Oh, the places I can drink!

Yeah, yeah, it’s Saturday. And I missed Vocab Friday. But I was busy showing some awesome friends around Paris and doing some awesome things, like attending an open-air performance of Carmen at L’Hotel des Invalides:

With a picnic of saucisse and wine of course:

And then we went back to champagne country, so I could say hi to Tina Turner:

And restock my champagne rack:

And engage in a little public drinking on the train ride home:

So apologies for skipping out on vocab yesterday. But there aren’t really words to describe the awesomeness that was going on anyway. The good news is I’ll be back in French class this week, so we’ll return soon to our regularly scheduled programming: baby jesus in velvet pants and boob vocabulary.

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  1. anna rose

    Its unhealthy that I get mad when I see other people getting to visit you. When am I coming back? Lets go to champagne country!!!

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