There are many interesting things that I could tell you about this photo. For starters, I could say that we’re standing in a private residence on top of the Australian Embassy, facing a wall of windows that look directly out to the Seine and the Eiffel Tower. I could explain that this lovely international array of women are from my french conversation class. I could tell you that for the end-of-year party, our group recited a children’s poem, and I might even elaborate on just how embarrassing it is to basically recite Dr. Seuss when the group before you went balls to the wall with Baudelaire.

But no. What I will say about this picture is that immediately after we finished our timid presentation, an imposing Mongolian woman led her group with one hell of an Edith Piaf impersonation. NON! RIEN DE RIEN! NON! JE NE REGRETTE RIEN!

God I love a good showoff.

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