As if this city needed any help in the love department.

Walk down any Paris street and you will be sure to stumble upon at least 3 couples engaged in long, passionate, movie-star kisses that never seem to end. Old and young alike, these people certainly aren’t shy about making out in public like the world’s about to end. And apparently everyone else who’s not busy smooching en plein air is conveniently carrying on their love affairs behind closed doors between the hours of 5 and 7pm.

So I don’t think this lady gets much business. But if you did happen to find yourself having romance issues in the most romantic place on earth, I think Dr. Lovens would certainly be able to help, don’t you?


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  1. Marie-Anne

    Oooh, it’s because the French are carrying their extra-marital affairs between 5 to 7 PM that dysfunctional long-married couples are actually providing that particular lady with much-needed (and much-appreciated, I’m sure) income. 🙂

    And there’s nothing worse for a Frenchman/woman than to acknowledge that his/her sexual life has become as bland as over-cooked pasta with tons of ketchup. (Sorry about the gastronomic metaphor. I’m French ^^) And believe me, he or she will do virtually anything, including paying a specialist an insane amount of money, to cure his or herself (unless the social security provides, in which case we’re ever so French).

    And as for Paris being the capital of love… well, true, we French are very, very romantic, if only for a little while, but only to get laid or something. (Awful truth, I know. Because a few French men still have that special macho flare from like, the fifteenth century. L’amour courtois as they say…)

    Your post made me smile though, because it’s kinda sweet that French couples are willing to do something about their sexual ordeals.

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