Au revoir.

Don’t panic! I’m not saying goodbye to Paris just yet. I’ve got a whole month left of this fabulous city, so please redirect your tears as I bid a bittersweet farewell to a friend who’s served me well over the past two years:

Ohhhhh J.Crew Sherpa Fleece. Your cozy hood and cushy fleece interior have kept me warm and toasty since early 2009. I’ve worn you daily since we touched down in Paris. I can always find you hanging on my door knob, ready to fend off damp chills, frigid mornings, the odd cool breeze. Your elbows are worn in the exact spots that my arms rest on my desk while typing.

How I love you J.Crew Sherpa Fleece! Splattered with red wine stains from evenings curled up on the couch, marred by maple syrup remnants from Sunday morning pancakes. Your boxy shape is just snug enough, your pockets perfect for stashing car keys or a cell phone. Or a handful of pretzels for later.

I don’t want to say goodbye. But it’s time. And there’s a new Sherpa Fleece in my life now. She’s downy soft and smells fresh, and I know she’ll conform to the shape of my torso in no time. But I’ll miss you, Original Sherpa Fleece. Thanks for keeping me comfy, so far from home.


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  1. Barbara

    Hi Jen,

    I think you ought to frame this jacket. I think the older they get, the better they are.
    Love it.

    I would love to see the picture of your mom, that you mentioned on your previous blog.
    If possible, please email it to me.

    Pray all is well with you, husband and baby.


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