Vocab Friday: First Geburtstag

Happy Monday! I forgot to hit “publish” on Friday, so you get your weekly Vocab a few days late. Which is OK, because it means I had a few extra days to rifle through the German/English dictionary to make sure I got this right:
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!”
That’s what I said to The Babe on Friday morning. She looked at me from her port-a-crib with sleepy, confused eyes, and then clapped hesitantly. Which is appropriate, because getting that phrase out at 6:30am was nothing short of a miracle.
Do not ask me how to pronounce it. I would only butcher it into some unrecognizable form – ha! more unrecognizable than it already looks! My version probably sounds like I’m choking on a bite of schnitzel instead of wishing someone a happy birthday.
Yep, that phrase up there means something like “best wishes for your birthday!” Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue like “joyeux anniversaire” but I do like saying “geburtstag.” That one makes me giggle for some reason.
Anyway, more important than this vocab lesson is the fact that I kept a child alive for a year. A whole year! And she’s only got a few minor dings and I don’t think she totally hates me yet! This is a major accomplishment, worthy of a celebration, so I did a lot of research on Austrian baking ingredients and whipped up a cake for myself. I mean, for The Babe. Right. For The Babe. Not for the pregnant lady with a sweet tooth. *brushes cake crumbs off the keyboard*
Anyway, it was a big hit, and a great way to ring in one whole year of survival, for parents and child. I’m already looking forward to next year when we can hopefully celebrate making it through another twelve months without succumbing to the urge to leave our spirited toddler with some kindly Austrian nuns way up in the mountains. Fingers crossed!


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