Hey there big fella.

Imagine walking through the magical streets of Vienna at Christmastime, finishing a little shopping in the busy museum quarter. Intricate lights hang across every block,  snow has dusted every tree, and there are chestnuts roasting on every corner. The spicy sweet smell of mulled wine drifts from the little wooden sheds where shoppers take a break and huddle around the soft glow of lanterns with gluhwein in hand. You might start to think this holiday setting couldn’t get more perfect, more picturesque.
And then you turn the corner and run into this guy:

oh myHEYYYY-OOHHHH! That’s a whole lotta man. Sitting in the middle of a city that otherwise looks like Santa’s North Pole holiday paradise. But I am going to resist the very strong urge to make jokes about Christmas balls because this is art, people. This fella was parked outside the Leopold Museum, where there’s currently a slightly controversial exhibition about the depiction of male nudity. It’s aptly titled “Naked Men.” I haven’t seen it, but please watch this video on it from the BBC, if only to hear the elderly Austrian lady say “I’m not scared of a penis at all.”

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