A gift from the heavens

gin and tonic tree

cute little baby limes

Guys, look what’s in my front yard: This gloriously scented gift from above, ripe with little green limes. I shall call it my Gin and Tonic Tree.


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  1. Con

    See and everyone back home thinks you are squatting on the ground and dodging sacred cows! Wait until you discover the lemon pickle chutney stuff! OMG! ADDICTIVE! Oh and get the kids hooked on puppodums – like a giant lentil flour Pringle. You can micro wave the dried packaged ones. One minute in the micro on a paper towel! Watch them puff up! YUMMY! Think I’ll go have one now! Patience monsoons almost over and Oct/ Nov very nice. Jealous over here!

  2. Amandatori McCrory

    Dude, you’re like the hello kitty calendar I had back in 2006 or so… Namaste November! Kon nichi wa May! Marhaba August!

  3. anna rose

    so so so happy that you are back to blogging. you’re going back to the top of my morning blogger list. you’re welcome. miss you!!

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